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HBIT BlockChain WhitePaper!

Read our WhitePaper for more information on BlockChain. All upgrades will be added when available.

Road Map

What will come soon?.

HBIT will soon have the NFT section, each user will be able to create, buy, sell their NFTs in the appropriate section, The speed of our Blockchain and the Fees below $ 0.0001 make HBIT Blockchain one of the most convenient and safe places for your NFTs.

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The HBIT Marketplace is a real decentralized store where each user can sell products, buy them, send and receive feedback and much more. All through the HBIT Blockchain in a safe and fast way by paying only the commissions to carry out the transactions (0.00001 HBIT each), no other commission is required.

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20 December 2021

HBIT Auth is a tool for making secure Login to any type of website, app, service, without using email and password, but only by scanning a QR code and entering your profile. No passwords will be forgotten anymore and with the cryptographic system on the Blockchain, security is 100% guaranteed

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IDWVS (Institutional Decentralized World Voting System) is an online voting service on the Blockchain, Institutions, agencies or surveys can be managed safely through this service without additional management costs.
What does it solve?
It solves the problem of electoral fraud, counting of ballots and security. It will be possible to create your own voting asset and distribute it to the voters, each voter will then be able to vote where that particular voting asset is required. Institutions will have results in real time, no possibility of fraud or wrong counting, since everything will be managed by the Blockchain and therefore it is impossible to modify or change a certain result.

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