HBIT Blockchain

Initial details:

Some technical details of the HBIT Blockchain.

  • 50 Billion HBIT Max Supply.
  • 49.5 Billion can be Mined.
  • 30 seconds Block Time.
  • Instant transactions notifications
  • Low Transactions fees ever.
  • Use HBIT from any browser and any device.
  • HBIT is "GREEN", Save the Planet!
  • Mine it, Stake it!
  • http API to interact with Blockchain
  • and many more...
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Access the HBIT BlockChain using your Passphrase.

New on HBIT BlockChain? Create Wallet

  • Click "Create Wallet" Button and Create new Wallet.
  • Save your Passphrase to your local PC on a Safe Place.
  • Follow on Screen instruction to fully activate your wallet.
  • Once these steps have been carried out, your wallet is active and you can interact with the Blockchain and its features without limits!

HBIT BlockChain Stats
HBIT Price
Active Wallets
Live Mempool
Unconfirmed Transactions
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
HBIT BlockChain WhitePaper!

Read our WhitePaper for more information on BlockChain. All upgrades will be added when available.

What can you do with HBIT now?
  • Send and Receive HBIT in seconds anywhere at commissions close to "zero"
  • Generate HBIT with Cloud Mining directly from your wallet with one click!
  • Stake and help generate new blocks of the Blockchain, receive the commissions present within the block.
  • Send and receive clear or encrypted messages to any user of the blockchain, in a few seconds, privacy and security are guaranteed with encrypted messages.
  • Create your Asset and trade it on the decentralized exchange, send and receive it, send dividends in HBIT to the owners of your asset!
  • Play in the dedicated section with direct interaction in the blockchain.
  • Accept payments in HBIT using the tools available in the Merchants section, implement in seconds without any effort.
  • Use the Wiki, http API and developer tools to create whatever you want with the power of the HBIT blockchain.
  • and many more...

Coming soon in the HBIT Blockchain

Under development.

HBIT implements an alias system that translates alphanumeric text into almost anything: HBIT account addresses, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, SKU codes, and more. The Alias System not only gives HBIT the ability to function as a Decentralized DNS system, but also adds additional possibilities for mapping short names to other entities.

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The HBIT Data Cloud is a decentralised data storage system.
In addition to keeping a record of HBIT transactions, the blockchain can also be used to store user-defined data. All forms of data can be uploaded to the HBIT blockchain, providing a secure (and, if desired, permanent) method of storing, retrieving and publishing information.

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20 Days Left

The Marketplace feature provides a protocol for building decentralized, peer-to-peer stores for any kind of digital goods.

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The secure, encrypted, consensus-based nature of the HBIT network allows the implementation of a voting system that guarantees anonymity and security, without relying on a central authority to tally the votes.

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Google Play Store
HBIT BlockChain on Google Play Store!

HBIT Blockchain Frontend on Android App, Easy to access, same functions. Enjoy HBIT Worldwide.