Updates and Upgrades to HBIT Blockchain and HBIT Frontend.

HBIT update 1.00.60 on 15 July 2021
- UPDATE: Wiki page updated with more details.
- FIX: Minor Bug Fixed.
HBIT update 1.00.50 on 3 July 2021
- UPDATE: Assets SubMenu with Different Pages.
- NEW: Buy vCPU for Mining HBIT only with HBIT with Instant Activation.
- NEW: HBIT Pay, Online and Locally aceept payments with HBIT.
HBIT update 1.00.40 on 11 June 2021
- NEW: Merchants Dashboard
- NEW: Merchants Point of Sales.
- UPDATE: Mining Balance is now show before start Mining.
- NEW: Mining Booster is now possible to Buy with HBIT.
HBIT update 1.00.30 on 2 June 2021
- FIX: Minor Improvements
- NEW: Scan to Pay, Easy way to Pay with Scan QR Code, from any device.
- NEW: Halving Coin left on Mining Page.
HBIT update 1.00.30 on 26 May 2021
- FIX: Stake Page
- NEW: Stake Page Details, Auto Stop.
- NEW: Transaction List on Block Explorer Detail Page.
- NEW: Transaction Details Page.
- UPDATE: Link to Transaction FullHash on Dashboard, Wallet, Explorer and Games sections.
- NEW: Mempool on Dashboard.
- NEW: Wallet Unconfirmed Transaction on DashBoard.
- NEW: Blockchain unconfirmed transactions on explorer page with count.
HBIT update 1.00.20 on 25 May 2021
- NEW: Games Section
- NEW: HBIT Faucet, Claim FREE HBIT.
- FIX: Minor Bug Fixed.
- FIX: Update Mining Page to Fix no Shares problem.
- NEW: Stake HBIT and Help find new blocks.
HBIT update 1.00.10 on 25 May 2021
- NEW: Update Pages to new frontend layout
- NEW: USD approx for your balance.
- NEW: Affiliate System.
- NEW: My Wallet Page, with Wallet Details.
- NEW: Set Wallet Name and Description, all will go over the Blockchain.
- NEW: Speedup website and extreme fast.
- NEW: Mobile Ready and Compatible.
- NEW: Community Chat Group.
- NEW: Assets Decentralized Exchange.
HBIT update 1.00.00 on 25 May 2021
- NEW: HBIT Blockchain Official Launch v. 1.00.00
- NEW: DashBoard with last 25 transactions, wallet balance, blockchain height, HBIT price, latest news and current version.
- NEW: Explorer, with the last 100 blocks created by the Blockchain.
- NEW: Wiki with basic information on how to get started with HBIT.
- NEW: Send HBIT and add an unencrypted message (optional) in seconds with 0.00001 HBIT of transaction costs.
- NEW: Blockchain icon status on top menu.
- NEW: Inbox, Public Chat and private encrypted message system.
- NEW: Assets, issue, transfer and send dividend to holders.
- NEW: Latest News on dashboard.
- NEW: Mining HBIT section to start mine HBIT with your CPU.