HBIT Wallet Created

Save your Passphrase in a safe place.
Refresh page to generate a new Wallet.

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HBIT Blockchain

Welcome to HashBit BlockChain

Your Passphrase is saved locally, when you come back it will already be set.
Each time you go to the Create Wallet page, a new passphrase is generated and saved in place of the previous one.

Save your PassPhrase!

Save the PassPhrase in a safe place!
The Passphrase is the only key that allows you to access and use your wallet.
If you lose it, you lose all the coins it contains, and no one is able to recover it!

Using a passphrase generated by the client
Click on the New on HBIT BlockChain? Create Wallet
link at the bottom.
A strong passphrase made from up to 60 random characters will automatically be generated for you.
If you want to use this secret phrase generated by the software, write it down, copy it to a safe place or print a paper wallet.
This is VERY IMPORTANT, since only this passphrase will give you access to your newly created account, and you can never recover it.
After that, press Connect.
Register your public key
Initially there will be Warning:"Your account does not have a public key! This means it's not as protected as other accounts.
You must make an outgoing transaction to fix this issue."

To receive your first transaction, the sender might also need to know your public key.
You can find it in the My Wallet of your client.