Welcome to Merchants Dashboard
What is the HBIT Merchants Section?
The merchants section of HBIT allows anyone to accept payments in their stores, quickly and securely and with any electronic device with an internet connection and a browser.

  • No verification is required.
  • You use your own HBIT wallet without having to create another one.
  • There are no limits on receiving or sending.
  • Nobody can block your wallet for any reason.
  • 1 - Point of Sales
    Our POS is probably among the most powerful in the world.
    Just select your local currency (EUR, USD, GBP etc.), this is saved locally to self-select it when you return to the POS.
    Enter the amount you want to be paid.
    Press Checkout
    On the payment page you will be provided with a summary of the order in progress.

    Using Scan and Pay, the customer can scan and all the required data is entered automatically.
    The conversion of currencies and the HBIT price are in real time.
    The customer pays and as soon as the payment has arrived you will be notified.
    You can go back to the POS for a new payment.

  • Simple to use.
  • Created for the HBIT Blockchain.
  • More than 160 local currencies supported.
  • Change in real time.
  • Instant transactions.
  • No commission.
  • 2 - HBIT Pay
    What is HBIT Pay?
    HBIT Pay allows you to accept HBIT payments on your website safely, quickly and with very few lines of code to enter, a simple form to set and that's it.
    HBIT Pay also has an IPN url where you can process payments received safely via SSL. The form is easy to modify and can be customized with different functions to make it 100% secure.

  • Simple form to accept payments with HBIT.
  • Url that redirects after payment completed.
  • Url to cancel the payment.
  • IPN url to process the payment/order safely.
  • Compatible with ScanToPay for automatic insertion of the required fields.
  • Easy to customize by entering your information.
  • Custom field to find the payment, for example indicate username or product you buy.
  • Code for the form available on the HBIT Pay page, and practical example with a form that can be filled in and tested.
  • 168 Local Currencies Supported for exact exchange Rate.
  • No hidden fees! The exchange is done with the market price, there are no commissions on transactions.

  • more merchants products coming soon...