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This page shows you how to sell your digital and physical products in the Decentralized Marketplace.

MY Decentralized STORE


The HBIT Marketplace is an open decentralized store for all goods. You may sell or purchase software, music, video or any other kind of good here.
In a way, it’s like purchasing an electronic product from Amazon or eBay, you browse the available products, you place an order and the seller will send you information of how to download the good (usually a link), or give you a tracking code to check inside HBIT system.

Buying/Selling on the Marketplace
To buy or sell the products in the Marketplace, simply fill out the "BUY" or "LIST YOUR PRODUCT" form and follow the instructions indicated to buy or sell the product.
All transactions are managed by the HBIT Blockchain in a totally decentralized way.

- If you sell, specify the details indicated, when a user purchases your product, you will find the order in the "My Store Orders" menu and you will have to proceed with the shipment indicating all the details, whether they are a tracking code for physical products, or a link to digital products.
The buyer will receive this information to track their order.

- If you buy, press "BUY NOW" on the product you want to buy, insert the request fields carefully and send the order. The seller receives your order and will ship it. Once the order is marked as shipped, you will be able to see the details of the tracking or how to receive your product.
When the order is completed (Shipped) you can leave a feedback that will be displayed by everyone on the product page, this will allow other users to shop safely.

Product Image:
- To add an image to the product, you must first upload it to Cloud Data, and make a note of the UID of the image.
- This UID must be entered in the form where indicated, so the image will be uploaded together with the product.

* Each user can post products for sale, be careful what you sell or buy and buy from verified sellers for your safety.

My Products on Sale

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