HashBit Wiki

Start in HBIT in complete safety from here

First of all do this!
Once you've created your wallet, the very first thing to do is to secure it.
Here are the few steps to take right away, before starting each transaction:
  • Go to My Wallet and save your Public Address (HBIT - **** - **** - **** - *****)
  • Save your Passphrase in a safe place, better on paper and secured.

  • The passphrase is the only key that allows you to send transactions from your wallet, if you lose it, no one is able to recover it.
    Do not show it to anyone, and above all do not write it to anyone, for any reason.
    Some technical details on the HashBit Blockchain.
    The HashBit Blockchain (HBIT) is based on Java and has been built to be able to interact through any browser and on any device that has one.
    Here are some details:
  • 50 Billion HBITs will be created in total.
  • 30 seconds of Block Time.
  • Costs of each transaction from 0.00001 to 0.00005 HBIT.
  • Variable blocking time according to the transaction load to be confirmed.
  • Instant notification of the arrival / dispatch of transactions.
  • Accessible everywhere.
  • http API to interact in any type of application or program.
  • Sending and receiving text messages.
  • Sending and Receiving of encrypted text messages.
  • Create Assets in one click.
  • Exchange Assets on the Decentralized Exchange.
  • Create games with transactions directly in the Blockchain.
  • Generate HBIT with Mining.
  • and much more coming soon ...
    Send and Receive HBIT
    The most direct functionality is certainly the sending and receiving of HBIT.
    By pressing Receive HBIT, you are shown your public address and a QR code to make it easier to enter using ScanToPay.
    An easy way to receive HBIT.

    By pressing Send HBIT, you will have to enter:
  • Receiving address
  • The amount you want to send supports up to 8 decimal places.
  • and an unencrypted message (optional) for example to indicate an order number, an invoice or simply a greeting.

  • Once sent, you immediately receive the notification of the payment sent, and the recipient immediately sees that it is coming, and after a few seconds it will already be included in the block of the blockchain.

    Transaction costs vary, if you don't enter any message you will pay 0.00001 HBIT commission, if you enter a message, depending on the length the commission can vary from 0.00002 HBIT to 0.00005 HBIT
    The Dashboard
    When you enter your wallet, you will go directly to the Dashboard, here you will find some information including:
  • Your name, if you have set it.
  • Your balance, with the conversion to USD.
  • The last 4 transactions you have made.
  • Some statistics from the Blockchain.
  • HBIT circulation in real time.
  • Your affiliate link.
  • See the Whitepaper.
  • and any promotions or tournaments in progress.

  • From the Dashboard you can send and receive HBITs, and buy them directly without having to generate them with mining.
    Scan To Pay
    Scan To Pay is simply the possibility to pay in HBIT by scanning the QR code.
    Supported by all browsers and the Lite Wallet for Android.
    Scan To Pay is compatible with Merchants POS and HBIT Pay.

    By scanning all the parameters, address, amount and message, are entered to pay correctly in a few seconds without having to enter them manually.
    My Wallet
    My Wallet is a summary of your wallet.
    It includes your name, balance, you can view your public address, your passphrase and your public key. The last 100 transactions made on your wallet are also shown.
    Block Explorer
    The Block explorer shows the block chain of the HBIT Blockchain, entering the various transactions, total included, date and time and who generated it. The page shows the last 100 blocks and is updated in real time to view the new blocks.

    Transactions not yet confirmed are shown.
    With the search function you can search for any block in the chain and see the information and transactions contained.
    Mining HBIT
    As per Whitepaper, the HBIT distribution is carried out through Mining, as many as 49.5 Billions of the 50 Totals will be distributed precisely through mining.
    On the Mining page just press Start and the process begins.
    You will receive HBIT for each Shares Accepted and paid directly into your wallet.
    Mining uses the CPU and can be done on both Desktop and smartphone.

    On the mining page you will find the various information, the speed at which you are mining and the transactions, all in real time.
    Staking HBIT
    Staking allows the generation of blocks in the HBIT Blockchain.
    The greater the number of HBITs in staking, the more blocks your wallet will generate.
    Staking HBITs are not blocked and you can use them without problems, obviously if the balance goes down, the staking amount will also decrease according to your balance.
    To start staking just press Stake Now always if you respect the basic rules to be able to do so, which are:

  • Balance equal to or greater than 1000 HBIT.
  • The balance must have more than 1400 confirmations in the blockchain.

  • The redistribution is done with the Fees, who generates the block receives the Fees contained in it, if any.
    Staking costs nothing and in no way limits your wallet which will always be able to carry out transactions with all the available balance.
    Inbox is like email, only you will find messages sent and received on the Blockchain by you and other users.
    These messages are encrypted, only those who send and receive can read them clearly, while in the blockchain no one will ever be able to decrypt them.

    If you are looking for a fast and secure way to send messages, you are in the right place.
    Assets are Tokens, created in the HBIT Blockchain and have some features:

  • Create your asset in 2 clicks.
  • Only 1000 HBIT to create it.
  • Enter the parameters and create it.
  • Send and Receive Assets.
  • Exchange them on the Decentralized Exchange.
  • Send HBIT dividends to those who own your assets.

  • Using the http API in the asset section, you can create any application or game using your new asset.

    Find the balance sheets of the assets in your portfolio, and the list of all those created in the Blockchain.

    In the DEX you can buy and sell assets, all strictly in real time on the Blockchain.
    Group Chat and Games
    The Group Chat and Games section shows some examples of how the HBIT Blockchain can be used.

    We have created a public chat, (Group Chat) where each user can send a message and everyone can see and reply.
    Nothing is saved locally, all transactions are directly on the Blockchain.

    In the Games section there are some games that interact directly with the Blockchain.
    We can show you how simple it is and how fast it is in transactions even for the world of video games.

    Obviously it is also possible to create all this with the Assets created.
    The Merchants section was created with the aim of mass use.
    Each wallet can use the tools available, and therefore potentially be a merchants.

    Nobody can lock your wallet.
    Transactions are fast and secure directly in the blockchain.

    The POS allows each merchant, with the use of a tablet or smartphone, to accept payments in their local shop, where customers with Scan To Pay can pay in seconds.

    HBIT Pay allows you to integrate HBIT payments on any type of website, quickly and easily, with a few lines of code, also compatible with Scan To Pay.